My Simple Garden


Garden design is one of my passions and as a qualified garden designer, I can help you look at your garden with a fresh pair of eyes and turn it into something that you love.  We can decide how you want to use your garden, what plants will make you smile and draw the plans together.  

Before you call me, I have the following questions that may help you think about your garden;

  • Perhaps your garden causes a pressure, because of the maintenance it requires
  • Has your garden been left to do its own thing and just needs cheering up?
  • Are there plants that you remember as a child that would make you smile every time you see them? 
  • When the sun is shining, do you go into your garden or is there not a special space for you? 
  • Would you be excited at the thought of growing vegetables or plants from seed?
  • Does your garden needs a whole lot of love?
  • Do you simply want a place to sit in the sun with your book?
  • Let’s talk it through and I can make your garden into somewhere special.
  • My initial consultation over the phone is free with a garden redesign rate of £45 per hour.

We will pull together your thoughts and ideas, together with my expertise to create a garden that you love.


Large garden design projects require far more structure and planning than a garden redesign. The four steps of larger garden design are;

Step 1 – Survey

Fee for survey, site analysis and brief from £250.00.

If your plot of land is very big you would benefit from the skills of a professional land surveyor.

Step 2 – Garden Layout 

The design requirements of my clients gardens vary in complexity. At this stage we discuss themes and how you use your garden.

We will work together to design a concept plan  and 3D visuals. Fees from £250 for visuals.

Step 3 – Design Details

Detailed plans and planting are time consuming and involve conversations about personal choice. We will look at functionality and maintenance also. Fee is £45 per hour.

Step 4 – Construction

I can help you choose a company to construct your new garden and you may want me to monitor your project in its construction stage. The fee to monitor construction delivery and progress is £30 per hour.

All additional expenses such as phone calls, travel are charged at cost

As a guide, my designs tend to range from £600 to £1850, depending upon the complexities. When you redesign your garden, the majority of your overall cost will be spent with the construction company who put together my design, together with the cost of hard landscaping materials and soft planting.