About Us

We all live busy lives, so busy that some of us forget to stop to think ‘Am I happy?’

Weeks fly by, the seasons come and go, before we know it another year has gone and we are no further forward in our life. 

My Simple Life is all about refocusing and simplifying your life.  It may be something as small as decluttering that cupboard that frustrates you every time you open the door, or receiving a little Life Coaching to help make a life changing decision, enabling you to do the things you love.

With many years of learning, studying, achieving, and failing whilst being a mum, daughter, friend and manager of people, I eventually found my own happiness. It took a long time, a bit of soul searching and hard truths, but now I have few barriers and I’m very happy being me.  The way I found me was simple in the end, so I want to simplify happiness for others too.